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    Hi Lynn,

    On affiliate websites do you need to put a disclosure
    notifying your visitors that links to external site may
    may result in a commission in the event they make a purchase?

    What are the best practices?

    Lester T.

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    Lester --

    Lynn has a good post on her blog explaining this. You can find it at

    On my blog, I mention it on my about page, have a permanent disclosure below every blog post (under the subscribe box after the post) and will add a note to many posts (depends on the content. A good example of one where I added an extra note is here (plus you can see my permanent disclosure there too).

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    Thank You Denise for your reply the
    resources helped me a lot.

    Lester T.

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    I'm working on putting this at the bottom of every blog (in the footer):

    Purchases made through links on this site may result in commission being paid to the blog author

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    I've had a disclosure in my website terms of use for quite some time. Now I've addressed affiliate links specifically on my about page, have a "disclosure" link to that at the top of my blog, and when I put an affiliate link in a blog post I mark it with a note at the bottom of the post again linking to the disclosure. Overkill I'm sure, but....


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