Hi, please help..
So I know some about both wordpress/xsitepro, but what I want is to cut to the chase and just ask for answers as to which is likely to be the easier on the 'learning curve' side for a beginner in web design? I was steering towards a static blog IF I used wordpress anyway as I don't really want that over bloggy look. I do have a preference to static sites with a blog added when needed but I just want to get my site up as soon as possible so would go with iether.
I understand there IS things to learn, but I would rather take the one that is likely to have a lesser learning curve at the beginning! I am quite bright (I think I totally understand all the SEO, linking, datafeed etc, but NOT really into the tech side of web design so want simple. However I do not want just a page of posts as in a blog look so I understand I would need to change things around if I used wordpress but how hard is it??
I hear people say over and over wordpress is super easy, but then I see so many 'how to' questions everywhere and then the replies show lots of code changing so it gets me thinking is it really?? Is xsitepro more a drag and drop kind of thing?
Thank you for any help! I am in a frustrated period where I want to take more action so I can actually have a website rather than just the plan but this has me stuck! I don't want to be stuck need to take action...