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Thread: Is it Risky to Have Tons of Backlinks and Not MUch Traffic?

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    Default Is it Risky to Have Tons of Backlinks and Not MUch Traffic?

    As I wade through unfamiliar waters I find myself in the dark again. Mixing my metaphors willy-nilly.

    Seriously though - Through blog commenting, submitting articles, pinging my RSS feeds, building a few link wheels, and other SEO stuff for the last week, my domain has gone from about 300 backlinks to over 2,000.

    Today 2,250 BL. I'm led to understand this is a good thing. But my traffic stats haven't improved accordingly (which makes sense, since most of the backlinks are from published articles and blog comments, etc.).

    Does anyone think it's risky to have such a rise in BLs without a corresponding rise in traffic? Risky from the standpoint of Google waxing my site I mean?



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    Hi everyone

    I would definitely get involved with social networking as soon as possible.

    But as far as backlinks are concerned:

    1. They are important for high rankings, but what about your keywords.

    - If your keywords don't have any search volume than the traffic will never compliment the backlinks.
    - I would check the Google Keyword Tool and see if the keyword is getting a lot of search volume.

    Now if the keyword does get a lot traffic volume , than I stumped like you are - but normally, it's because no one is searching for the keywords you are trying to rank in the search engines.

    To Your Success,

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    Whether Google notices the links vs visitors difference, I am not sure. Great question. The purpose of the link building is to get higher rankings, which will result in more traffic - but it will take time for the rankings & traffic, of course. Keep building quality links (note: quality!) and also make sure your pages are getting out there via Social Media. Social shares & votes carry a lot of weight in determining page quality & rankings!
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    Yeah it is risky. Google uses backlinks that comes naturally from people rather than that made for the purpose of SEO. Google uses many measures to avoid using such backlinks in their pagerank calculation. One example of such a method is do/nofollow which tells it not to take links in certain places, such as in comments, the backlinks you created in comments are most likely useless.

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    Hi there

    I am not sure how effective it is. You still need traffic to come to your site and I feel you are better off spending your time in writing blogs and that will do it automatically. Just my opnion


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