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Thread: Shopping cart for Wordpress

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    Default Shopping cart for Wordpress


    Have you used a shopping cart plugin for Wordpress?

    If so, which one and what was your experience of it - both good and bad.

    I'm looking to set up a small online shop, love wordpress, but haven't had any experience of shopping carts.

    Your thoughts and feedback appreciated.

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    I would love a suggestion too. I'm probably going to be setting one up for a non-profit soon and have never done so.

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    The main ones I have come across are:

    WP e-Commerce [plugin] - free
    WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart [plugin] - free
    Market [Theme with build in shopping cart] - paid
    ShopperPress [Theme with built in shopping cart] - paid

    ... but I have not had any experience of any of them or how good, effective, reliable, secure, easy-to-use etc., they are.

    If any one has ever used any of they above (in particular) or anything else, then I would appreciate your comments.

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    I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but this one's next on my list: OS Commerce. It's a stand-alone open source e-store system, but can be integrated with WordPress using a plugin.



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