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    Hi all! I'm trying to edit my signature in one of the forums in Lynn's 5000 Backlinks package. These are the signature permissions:

    Allow Basic BB Code Yes
    Allow Color BB Code No
    Allow Size BB Code No
    Allow Font BB Code Yes
    Allow Alignment BB Code Yes
    Allow List BB Code Yes
    Allow Link BB Code No
    Allow HTML No

    Allow Image BB Code No
    Allow Code BB Code No
    Allow PHP BB Code No
    Allow HTML BB Code No
    Allow Quote BB Code Yes
    Allow Smilies Yes
    Can Upload Images for Signature No
    Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature No

    I thought I needed to use the "[url=" .....code but it doesn't work (I'm not sure how to enter the exact code here without getting a link). Can someone advise me on what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Do other people have links in the signature files in that forum. I read these two things to mean you can't have a link:

    Allow Link BB Code No
    Allow HTML No

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