Hi Folks

Well I am about half way through Franks video 'Core Influence', have you watched it? You can see it free here

In the first 20 minutes he outlines the evolution of 6 and 7 figure product launches, mentioning names like Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime and John Reese. It made me wonder if it is only men in IM that are prepared to take that leap of faith, what are your thoughts?

Now he is onto the premise of Core Influence and it did really speak to me, if you were on brainstorming hour today you would know that I am in a transition phase (again) and so this content was prevalent. I hadn't really thought about a surface influence and a core influence before, but it is really making me think about who I want to be when I grow up (LOL) and more to the point what I want my IM business to be, Frank calls this your core self. Many of us never actually show it to anyone. Do you know what your core self is yet? I will be having a looka t mine tonight as Lynn suggested too.

I haven't finished watching thanks to the kids But I look forward to your thoughts.