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Thread: Core Influence - Frank Kern

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    On the topic of men versus women in IM...
    When I was at Frank Kern's Mass Control event last year, he told us that his target market was a 30-somthing male. He said sorry to the ladies but that was his market. I do think it's a very male dominated industry. Not that there aren't a LOT of great women doing business here (thank you to Lynn Terry ) but the testosterone does seem to dominate
    Bridgett Raffenberg

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    Any gender based generalization is going to have problems, but still, that said.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgett Raffenberg View Post
    but the testosterone does seem to dominate
    Which is good news for you ladies!

    Generally speaking, we men are less suited to sales. Having us as your main competitors is a good position to be in. And 30 year old men, better yet!

    Imagine the horror if you had to compete with a Net filled with Lynn Terry's! GASP!

    The 30 something men (and probably old guys like me too) will see net sales primarily as a function of technology and clever schemes.

    That is why people like Frank Kern will focus on this market, because this is the market most susceptible to buying all the so very many products that can be created about technology and clever schemes.

    Net sales is really about relationships, the very thing we men have less talent for than you gals.

    And here's the little secret the Net gurus won't tell you. You don't need to buy anything to build relationships.

    A little bit of free technology, a sincere interest in the welfare of your readers, a love of language, and you're all set.


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