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Thread: "New Posts" in Forum

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    Default "New Posts" in Forum

    I thought this might have come up before, but I can't find anything using Search.

    When I come to the forum, the only posts I see as "New" are 1 Hour old or less, not "New since my last visit", which is what I would expect to see. If I click on the "go to first new post" icon on any other thread, it takes me to the last post in the thread, even if the first post was made since my last visit.

    I don't usually have this issue with vBulletin forums (or any others, come to that) so I'm wondering if there's a setting somewhere that I can change, that the rest of you all know about


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    A choice that I often use is the Quick Links Menu, Today's Posts to get any from the last 24 hours. I don't know about settings, except that, in your profile, if you contribute to a post, you can put settings to automatically subscribe to it & receive emails instantly, daily or weekly, as updated. Hope that helps.


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