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    Hi everyone! I already have a PayPal account I used for eBay sales for several years. Now that I'm doing internet marketing, I'd like to open a second PayPal account for products of this type. Taking a survey here, if anyone has time to reply. Should I use my personal name (which I use online for Twitter and YouTube videos) or should I use a business or company type name. Thanks for your thoughts!

    Sherie Smith

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    Hi Sherie,

    I just visited both your sites to get a feel of what you're doing. Is the new account going to be for just the real estate/appraisal biz? Or for fundraising things too?

    I have three PayPal accounts. Two with business names, and one with my own name. I have to say, I use the two business ones most. I like any invoices and pay pages to have my business named and not me. I use the personal account to make purchases that I don't want to show up on a business account.

    So, it comes down to what you want to project. I would say choose a business name. But, others would feel your own name would be fine.

    Are you still using the other account for eBay? If not, you can go in and rename it, and use it for your new ventures. I've done that too.

    Hope this helped a little!

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    If you're just looking to set this up to receive payments from affiliate marketing etc... I would probably use a personal name, or you can have it display both a personal and business name. I think that's probably a preference thing.

    I am curious why open another account? The ebay account would already be a business account, so I don't really see the benefit of opening another account. Although, admittedly I'm bad at staying organized when I have too many things going on, so I suppose it might be an organizational perk for you come tax time?

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    Wow, thanks Anita, I didn't know you could rename a Paypal account. That's good info. I need one name that will incorporate any online biz I do (not the ebay stuff as I may start doing some of that again later). Not all products are about the same thing since I have multiple areas of personal interest. I supposed the simplest would be a biz-type name that would cover anything internet marketing related. Thanks for your advice and experience.

    Sherie Smith

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    Thank you Retta. The PayPal account I used for ebay purchases and an occasional sale wasn't anything near a business. It was basically hobby-related. I do want to keep it though because my ebay history is excellent. I certainly don't want to lose the credibility I worked so hard to achieve. You never know when you might start doing something on ebay again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though.

    Sherie Smith


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