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Thread: Flipped: The Complete Guide to Building a Blog Flipping Empire

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    Exclamation Flipped: The Complete Guide to Building a Blog Flipping Empire

    Hi Guys, This is an exclusive offer just for the Self Starters! This is the Flipped package, my comprehensive guide to blog flipping for just $9. Everywhere else, this product is $17. You get the same book, action plan, logos and even the 30 minute coaching session is included. Let me know if you have any questions

    I've been flipping blogs for the past 5 years. If you've ever bought a blog on DigitalPoint or Flippa, chances are it came from my team.

    And now i'm sharing every trick, tip, tool, and method I used to flip thousands of blogs. I'm even giving away the exact sales copy I used!

    Flipped is the complete guide to flipping blogs. Its usually $17 but as a special offer on this forum only I'm selling it for just $9. You won't find this offer anywhere else.

    You'll Learn

    1. How to buy domains that already have pagerank for less than $20
    2. how to quickly add value to a blog
    3. how to churn out content effortlessly
    4. how to quickly build backlinks
    5. how to start a bidding war on your blogs auction
    6. how to outsource half your work for a few dollars
    7. pricing strategies that will guarantee your blog sells
    8. how to generate income from a blog sale even months after you sell it (exclusive to flipped)
    9. lots lots more!

    Included in flipped are advanced techniques and resources that I have not found in any other book on flipping blogs - this book took over a year to write and is based on my flipping business.

    You will receive:

    1. The 42 Page Flipped Ebook
    2. 10 Day Action Plan - put the flipped business model to work
    3. Logo Pack - to instantly add value to any site
    4. My exact sales copy - that I successfully used to flip hundreds of blogs.
    5. Free 30 Minute 1 on 1 coaching session!
    6. Free Lifetime Updates - I update the book monthly with my latest tricks to keep you ahead of the game.

    Just $9 for Self-Starters!
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    Two things...

    You have two different prices that you are offering this forum, which one is correct?

    Also, your ad needs a link where our members can go if they choose to make a purchase. Thank you!

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    Sorry Angie, my mistake.

    Its $9 and the link is now there.

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    Awesome! Thanks so much.


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