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Thread: What Is LinkWheel?

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    a link wheel is basically using a website, may be a wordpress blog that points to your main site, and also points to another web 2.0 website. And on that site it links to the next, and to your main site. Using all relevant context, and links. and so on, untill you link back to the first site creating a virtual wheel of sites all linking to eachother and to your main site

    Then you can come out a level, and build another wheel around the primary wheel.

    Personally I think google catches on to it too easily, and takes more effort to create that its worth.
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    I can't agree that Google likes it. I've heard that Google easily understands this trick and doesn't count such links. Building linkwheels is very tiring and not effective.

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    hmmm ."Sandy2089" says it is not effective, but on the other hand "lltaylor38" said it helped.

    Sounds like you have to try and find out for yourself LOL


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    cavinsmither Guest


    A link wheel is when you build pages on squidoo, hub pages, blogger, wordpress, article sites, ect. You have one site which is your money maker and you want all the pages to link to this will be the center of your link wheel. Then with all the web pages you build you will want to link from a to b and a to your money site. Then b to c and b to your money site. Then c to e and e to your money site. What you don't want to do is link a to b and b to a you want one way links and every page linking to your main website.

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    This looks like something a person would have to experiment and see how it works for them . thanks for sharing.

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    David Jay Guest


    I think the strategy is a little outdated and Google is wise to it. Michael Campbell was an earlier user of "mini nets" which what link wheels are based on. Google revenge of the mini nets as he is now giving away some of this stuff on this (that's a sign it is passed its prime in my opinion)

    If you use them be smart about it. Don't use the exact same keyword domain or username at every web 2.0 site in the wheel, have some breaks in the wheel and build backlinks to some the sites in the wheel so they look like they have a purpose other than providing a spoke to the hub site and to build authority.

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    Link wheel is explained very well above in the post, so would just like to add that its not a very effective method of builidng bakc links, its very less effective and only a hand full of people use it.

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    Thank you all for sharing these informations.

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    Clare Swindlehurst Guest


    I think the link wheel image is a good way to visualise backlink building but anything structured is going to set alarm bells ringing at Google. The best way to build natural backlinks is to just get involved in your niche community. Comment on other blogs and post engaging content that people want to link back to. Over time you'll find that the backlinks juts build themselves but it takes patience to let it happen.

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    If used wisely it is no doubt an effective way to bring in back links and increase PR. I don't agree to the fact that it is not good enough to work. So far many people have been using it and many have got their desired results provided that you do things that right way as it is not that easy.


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