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Thread: What Is LinkWheel?

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    jhonsadins Guest


    Linkwheel is where you create backlinks to your website and some backlinks to your backlinks and you create them in the form of wheels where every backlinks has some importance. Link Wheel is the way by which we post links with current topic of post so readers can get more information regarding your post or any other informative stuff which you write. Its great way of driving traffic between your posts.

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    denkywarke Guest


    i would just like to add that its not a very effective method of builidng bakc links, its very less effective and only a hand full of people use it.

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    Link wheel refers to the practice of using a website to point to your main site and points to another web 2.0 website. Then you can keep building wheels on various levels.

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    Link wheel is when you build pages on squidoo, hub pages, and blogger, wordpress, and article sites. You have one site which is money maker and you want all pages to link to this will be center of link wheel.

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    josaphlewis Guest


    The LinkWheels construct back links to your website's main page, which give your website a higher search engine ranking. LinkWheel is a set of SIX Web 2.0 possessions interlinked in a wheel arrangement, all encourage a page on the web which is the focus of that particular wheel.
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  6. Default I understand they are not as effective as they used to be

    It seems that Google is catching on to these and is penalizing websites that are very blatant about this technique.

    Most that I know of are using the Link Web. Mark Dickenson of Backlink Bully was offering a course on this, it was very comprehensive. Cost about $7.00.

    I used link wheels early this year on 3 or 4 sites and they are doing well with first page placement.

    I am still convinced that content is king. Build a good, informative site and you will get traffic.


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    nickelodon007 Guest


    Link wheel is one of the link building techniques that is very effective in building back links. though its a bit old technique but its still very effective.

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    Linkwheel is a link builiding technique where you create backlinks for your site in the form of wheel. In link wheel we post our link on a content and in turn viewers and readers also linsk to that link and create a form of wheel.


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