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    I want to share some thing with my friends. If you are SEO then first aim must be to get your keywords on the top of Google. I know its difficult if your keyword is expensive one. I have experience one thing that if we unrelated forums signatures are read by Google(Mean Google crawl personnel information). I have practice this and its give me favorable result, keyword position changes without doing any hard work.

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    Before starting seo, think twice about the keywords. Keywords are probably the most important things in seo. If you have chosen the right keywords, you'll have visitors.

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    Keyword research and SEO is very important. You can find tried and true keyword research and SEO information on her blog. She has been successful for over 13 years so her tips are 100% accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angienewton View Post
    She has been successful for over 13 years so her tips are 100% accurate.
    It should be pointed out that Lynn's been doing this for awhile, so newbies may not necessarily realize the same type of success with their SEO efforts. Experience really does matter.

    I'm not trying to discourage anyone, just adding a dose of reality. If your SEO efforts aren't successful right away, keep working at it.

    David Jackson

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    I have had very good results with Lynn's tips and information on SEO and keywords. The main thing that I have learned is that it takes time and work.

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    Add more new and original content to your website and the google spider wil visit you more frequent and will increase your keywords rank. Remember that when you add backlinks to your site, to rather focus on links from sites with high quality scores. A few high scoring links are better than many low scoring links. Don't have a static website. Try to update your content often, as this will keep Googlebot returning to your site. This will show you exactly what you need to do to get your ranking up!

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