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Thread: Special requirements for video blog?

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    Default Special requirements for video blog?

    Hi all,

    This question is for my brother who is planning to start a website reviewing the best restaurants in his area. He wants to have short videos for each review (something similar to this format:

    He wants to know if it is a problem to have many videos on your site, as far as upload time, bandwidth, etc'...

    He plans to use wordpress for his blog, and have the videos up on youtube, embedded on his blog.

    I don't have enough technical knowledge to know if any special requirements are needed. Do you know of anything that needs to be taken into consideration when starting such a blog?

    Many thanks,

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    I would recommend your brother be carefull with video. If your site takes long time to download visitors become annoyed. I'd rather provide a detailed description of each restaurant and a number of pictures.

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    That is my question, what needs to be done in order to avoid the long download?

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    I'm not a techy, either, but I think if the videos are hosted on YouTube, that will eliminate (or reduce) the strain on his website... right? The download time would depend on the user's internet service speed, I think. (Hoping some video-savvy member will clarify this -- it's a a question I've wondered about myself.)

    But in any case, I agree that video reviews might not appeal to everyone, especially those with slow connections. So he might want to include regular text versions of the reviews along with the videos.

    I assume your brother's intent is to publish only favorable reviews... and maybe get some advertising revenue from the restaurants in return?

    If so, he should carefully read the new FTC rules about testimonials & reviews that are tied to compensation... and post the appropriate disclaimers on his site.
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    You tube is a great way to do the video and have a link back to his review site in the video and the description of the video.
    For big time use amazon s3 and pay the 3 cents a view.
    Install a plug in for mobile users.
    I have used viper video plug in and you can read what it does on the download page.
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