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Thread: What is On Page SEO.

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    Default What is On Page SEO.

    On page SEO is the process of optimizing the content of your website. This includes the text, images and links on your website. Anything uploaded to your site's domain is considered on page. There are several key factors of on page SEO. One of the most discussed factors is keyword density. Keyword density is given as a percentage.

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    Keyword density is a percentage of how many time your keyword is used verses how many works their are in the post or article you are writing. For example: EzineArticle wants theirs less than 2%. Not sure if this helps.I wasn't sure exactly what the question was.

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    yep, a simple calculation would be

    Times keyword is mentioned divided by total words on page or article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gailjrichardson View Post
    I wasn't sure exactly what the question was.
    Given the number of recently created users with that exact username on a very wide variety of forums I think it's a safe bet to say that this wasn't really a question, but just a way to sneak in a link.

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    yea, id say so also, thinking maybe Lynn needs to not allow link posting until xx posts are made or something. Thats what they do on DP, which seems to help.


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