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Thread: Let's Talk - Where Are You With Your Online Business?

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    Quote Originally Posted by forigners View Post
    Nothing going good in my way.
    Just i am waiting for a good deal.
    You have to make it happen There are lots of opportunities around. Just grab one and stick with it!

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    SSWT's October 2010 Challenge that pertains to selecting 5 new profitable keyword phrases to target is the catalyst that lit the fire under me to dust off one of my websites this weekend and get it going!

    This site has great potential but I have been so distracted by life, health issues and other shiny objects, I have failed to put forth the consistent effort necessary to make some money with it. I'm bound and determined to make some sizable headway over the next two weeks. Blog posts, book reviews, and datafeeds (of which I know very little) are high on my list of "must do's" to bring some life to this website and capitalize on any traffic that's generated.

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    What do I want to be? I want to be successful in my on line business, earning a living that will support me in ALL of my goals and plans for the future. My business right now is limited to blogging, but I am learning fast--thanks to all the help I am getting by being an Elite member--and I am so grateful. I just had the BEST weekend--really working on concrete stuff--instead of being all over the place.

    What do I want to do? I want to write and maybe speak about the Word of God; I want to spend more time with my grandchildren doing things for and with them; I want to get back to horseback riding and maybe buy a horse again, and I want to spend lots of time in the mountains or at the beach growing spiritually. I also want to be able to give to those God sends my way that are in need and to support the ministries I believe in that are spreading the Word all over the globe.

    What do I want to have? I want to have a home-base place in Orlando or Ocala; a place at the beach and place in the mountains I can share with others. My family had a place like that in Highlands, NC, where for more than thirty years people who could not have vacations otherwise were allowed to schedule a time and go there for rest and retreat. I want so much to have that again.

    Why do I want these things? I want these things because I believe in family time and contributing to their lives--since I am their history; because I am getting older, and I don't want to LABOR to earn a living. When I get into my on line business I feel addicted, and I absolutely HATE when it comes time to turn back to the business currently supporting me (sort of); because I am a giver by nature, and right now, I am stripped (for the most part) of my ability to give when I see so many needs. I can give love and encouragement--and I know that means a lot--but to agree to pray for someone who is hungry--and not feed them--does very little to help resolve the hunger in their stomach.

    My Goal is to earn $15k per money in order to meet the necessities of my goals and support myself--but my REAL HOPE and prayer is that I can become a funnel through which much can be poured--and be faithful to do with it as the Lord tells me.
    Sincerely, and with
    ShariLee Beynon EVERYONE! RUN!

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    Default My goal in Internet Marketing

    Quote Originally Posted by ShariLee View Post
    What do I want to be? I want to be successful in my on line business, earning a living that will support me in ALL of my goals and plans for the future. !

    My goal is to make £1,000 a month. That's the sum that will set me free from having to do a 9-5 job. Is it achievable? I hope so!

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    I have two clients I build web sites and do SEO for for a monthly fee. It is pretty fun.
    I have good traffic at my Internet marketing Blog and get lots of comments. Partially since it is a do follow PR 4 site.

    I was thinking of doing social media consulting and local search work for clients and trained up for it.

    Currently I am selling Mobile Media SMS text marketing and recruiting sales people as affiliates in my Agency. It is the most exciting and lucrative thing I have done since 2003 when I started to work for myself.
    Learning to ride off road motorcycles and available for Motorcycling related marketing services
    Internet Marketing Blog
    Laptop Site

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    That's great to hear! So, you've had good results with your mobile marketing efforts and been making some good money with it? That's encouraging. I have a strong interest in mobile marketing, too but have found myself unable to focus on it entirely because I'm trying to wrap up a couple of projects. Being that I live in Dallas, I have some wonderful ideas about how I can really make some money in the local market selling them mobile websites and related services to better position them to take advantage of the Super Bowl fans who will be in town in February 2011.

    I have a domain I purchased earlier this year with the Super Bowl in mind but I have not gotten around to even setting it up yet! Talk about feeling frustrated!!!! Ugh!

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    As far as I m concerned, I'm going through the motions. Making a little progress, as I had certain SEO and up ranking sort of problems with my business, but right now, its going fine. Hoping to increase more pace.

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    I haven't been at this as long as you but somewhat like yourself I get bored from stress and frustration. I can't count all the different products I have purchased and attempted to put into practice. Without any feedback or help I soon would become jaded and move on to the next. Now, I'm finding that that has become a habit with me. One that I am struggling with to overcome, especially with all the new offers I'm bombarded with daily. My head tells me it's easier to move on instead of sticking it out.

    I appreciate what you say about Edison and failing more. I can clearly see the advantage of failure now. That's how one learns. We learn WHAT to do by learning what NOT to do. Thanks for that one! I was really beginning to question my own intelligence and ability. I'm not the loser I was beginning to feel like.

    I'm glad I no longer have to go it alone.

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    Kudos to You Mr. Harkness! (If that is your name)
    My goal for this is to begin making enough to get myself off of Social Security and enough to begin instructing others like myself to not be dependent on Uncle Sam. I'm won't bore you with the story of why I am in my present situation, but I am. Since becoming dependent on what SS doles out I have become aware of the plight and struggle being experienced by thousands of Seniors in this country. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame the Gov't. or any one other entity for the woes of our elderly. For the most part we are where we are because of our own choices or lack of them. But if I can make a difference in the lives of just a few, then my life will have purpose again.
    This industry is so huge, that anyone willing to learn and do a little work can better their circumstances substantially and bring 'LIFE' back into their lives. I am as guilty as the next guy, having taken age and retirement for granted not considering that it could ALL be gone in an instant. I thought I had all my i's dotted and my t's crossed so the last thing I needed to concern myself with was my retirement sustenance. I lived fat and thought I would retire fat. Well, here I am.

    Even though I struggle and don't have your experience instructing others, I will see you on the other side. My Hat is off to you, sir!

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    I'm having trouble finding a niche to market to. I can't seem to tell the difference between a great niche and/or a dud niche. I've just purchased a couple of tools and begun viewing the tutorials for each hoping they will help. My problem is in maintaining focus on the video's and their subject matter.

    I am so frustrated from my experience of the last two years and anxious to move forward that I am actually hindering myself. I find myself overcome with impatience and frustrated that I can't get this. I mean, it's not rocket science, so why can't I get my ducks in a row? The little Gremlin inside my head is telling me to give this up and move onto something else, but I know that that is just my own sense of insecurity raising its ugly head. This is well within my ability and intelligence so I'll have to hunker down and be a little more patient with myself.

    I have dropped everything I had been doing and I am starting over form square one. I have a couple of blueprint/case studies that I will be following and to begin with I am instructed to find a niche to market to. This may sound dumb, but I had been so engrossed with wanting to market to the IM niche that now I can't recognize anything else. My own focus has blinded me to the rest of the world.

    This is my first day here and don't know how this works, but how can I get some help with this? Any input would be appreciated.

    Thanks, alex44


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