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I'd like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to this 'tribe" of yours and particularly it you. I am in the position I'm in because of you and the regular encouragement I get from the group. I'm not sure what's coming next but I know you'll be on top of it and keeping me (and all the rest of those who follow your guidance) informed with valuable information we can use in our businesses. Thank you for that!
Thank you Leigha - that makes my day

I have a lot of changes in the works (yet again) and I am picking up some great tips and strategies to share with you guys. I am super excited about my plans to put it all together and get it out to you guys. You are going to LOVE it!

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As for the three choices, I'm somewhere just short of the really rocking it, making great money and having fun since I started my offline consulting business. Things are great but I need to learn to prioritize and set up some systems for myself that will help me to do even better. It is so much fun and at the same time a bit overwhelming how quickly my business is growing.
That's a big key - the systems and processes. I am studying more about that, and making changes in my own business on that level as well. I can totally relate. Just know: It's a good problem to have.