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Thread: Let's Talk - Where Are You With Your Online Business?

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    Quote Originally Posted by canimbill View Post
    I truly appreciated you email, Lynn. I am on lots of lists, some of the emails i ignore, some i glance at, some I read thoroughly. Yours i read and enjoyed and it brought me here today. I am looking forward to more from you because you are a good writer, smart and you write from the heart! I like heart.
    Thank you Bill

    It sounds like your primary interest is the affiliate marketing model. Is that correct? I like and follow Rosalind Gardner's methods, and also have a lot of affiliate marketing tutorials on my blog at

    There's two pages of good (free) reading under this tag:
    Lynn Terry
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    Hey Rachelle,

    It *does* help to know you're not alone - in almost anything. I was really glad to discover that some of my most recent frustrations were actually common to others in the same place in the industry... and that they were great problems to have, at that! LOL. It's too easy to think things are a "me issue" instead of seeing them as a common part of the process.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rachelle View Post
    I believe I am spinning my wheels b/c I am overwhelmed by all the possibilities. I need to work on breaking the work down into smaller chunks and getting it done. Guess that's where I'll begin- organizing tasks and taking action.
    I still deal with overwhelm myself. One of the ways I deal with it is to lay everything out in front of me (brain dump) and then start prioritizing. I figure out how things need to happen, in what order, and go from there.

    For example, I might have big dreams for a certain project that is going to require a financial investment. That being the case, I turn to the project that is easiest to do and brings in the highest, fastest return - to fund the bigger project. Just as an example.

    There are always going to be tons of ideas & possibilities. Success is in choosing one and seeing it through. Once you do that, and automate/systematize as much as possible - creating a source of passive income - you're free then to pursue other ideas one at a time in the same manner.

    It's that first project, the one that covers your base income, that is hardest to achieve. Everything is downhill from there!
    Lynn Terry
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    I guess I'm "making a little progress" because I'm getting a little closer to getting my website up and working.

    My biggest challenge has been the technical aspects of trying to put together a website. I know nothing about coding and have tried numerous wordpress themes to try and find something that would just be workable for me. I have tried several free themes and a couple paid themes, but just couldn't figure out how to get them to work. I even tried paid tech help, but maybe that was a bit premature because I wasn't very good about knowing what to ask them to do. So that was kind of wasted money.

    After several months, I've settled on using Thesis (since that's one of the themes I had paid for) and it seems to have a good mix of being user friendly and having good support. I'm not really sure how to get it to do what I want, but at least there are tutorials I can utilize.

    So I just keep plugging away - hopefully it will all come together soon!


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    Quote Originally Posted by marcnorris View Post
    One of my biggest frustrations over the past year has been dealing with the isolation of working for myself at home.
    I totally get that, Marc. I live in a small town myself, and am a single parent to two teens. I also understand the friendship issue. It makes a big difference to have peers on your level, and that is also something I am seeking out more this year myself.

    Two things I'm doing: going to events, and seeking out higher-level mastermind groups online. Events include industry seminars, but also local meetups and small biz get togethers. There are actually a lot more than I realized! Of course, I have to travel an hour (or more) to get to one of the nearest cities, but it's worth it.

    Check out and see if there is one in or near your area. It's a fun group that meets every month, and it's free.
    Lynn Terry
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    Good to hear from you, John!

    Quote Originally Posted by John P View Post
    One of my big challenges is perfectionism. I thought it would take me about 4 weeks to produce the first product, but it has taken me close to 3 months. Arrrrrgh

    I've been able to overcome most of the traps that were holding me back such as lack of focus, but I'm still plagued with perfectionism.
    I think a lot of us struggle with that one. I finally had to give it up - I couldn't seem to reach "perfect" LOL. One of the best solutions I've found to that is to hop on elance (or go to someone you know) and outsource the proofing & editing. Or - hire someone to wrap it up for you.

    You can always give it a once-over before release of course. But keep in mind that your product is never going to be perfect OR finished. You'll always be updating and improving it... always.
    Lynn Terry
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShariLee View Post
    I have set up my whole blog, and I did it on instead of, so I am starting all over again.
    Hi Shari,

    Angie answered you earlier about the Private Brainstorming Group for Elite Members. It is currently open - though I'll be closing it again soon for awhile. Not as long this time I hope, and I'm keeping the plan quiet for now... but you're welcome to join us if you like.

    I'd be happy to take a look at your blog. Feel free to start a new thread here at the forum and request a review - we'll help you make that dime, and more
    Lynn Terry
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    Quote Originally Posted by hag888y View Post
    The biggest thing i struggle with is focus, creating content, and getting the message to market match you speak of.

    I understand that "content should have an objective, but simply having content is not the objective."

    I also read somewhere that content should either, entertain, enlighten or educate.

    But nothing i have read really shows any examples.

    So i suppose this is my main stumbling block.
    Hmm. Okay Ian... what entertains, enlightens or educates YOU?

    THOSE are your examples!

    I often learn MUCH more by example than by the actual content or course I am studying/reading.

    I usually AM my target market in the niches I work in, so I pay close attentions to my responses. Which emails I open and why. Which links I click on and why. Which products I buy and why. I save those in a swipe file and learn from them - to create my own copy, sales messages, headlines, etc.

    Try that and see if it helps
    Lynn Terry
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    Wow! Some great stories here!!

    I'm hearing a lot of determination too. Looks like everybody's ready to take their stand.

    If your operating expenses are covered and you FEEL ready to kick it up, I strongly suggest joining the Elite group before Lynn decides to close it again.
    That's important because it's for people serious about reaching their goals.

    If you're a team player who will accept advice in the spirit it's given and prepared to buckle down and be accountable, we'll back you all the way.

    It will be one of, if not the most, valuable investments you ever make in yourself and your business potential. Yes, seriously.

    Click on the Loud N' Proud link below to find out how.
    And it's tax deductible!

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    Lynn, what a friendly and thoughtful email!

    I just read a book- The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, and he makes the case that we can have about 150 connections in an interconnected community- after that, the community gets fragmented into groups.

    He says that the Amish (or maybe another segment?) split up and subdivide after they have 150 adults in their community naturally.

    So, perhaps you're holding yourself to an impossible standard, wanting to be seriously connected with hundreds or thousands of people!

    On a personal note, I'm hoping that this thread will yield something of a super-duper-elite forum for very serious marketers that want advice about going to the next level.

    Thanks for being you, Lynn

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    Hi Lynn

    Thanks for the email - it's always good to connect. I'm making a little progress but no real money "online" as yet. (My IM efforts have resulted in a lot of offline students though.)

    Looking back over the last year I have learned so much and I'm very please with my progress thanks to you, the forum and so many people all of whom I've "met" online. I want to thank you for that

    So, I'm moving in the right direction but it's just been slow. Right now my focus is on setting up my online photography classes, which I believe, if I market right, are going to be a great success!

    Onwards and Upwards!



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