Hi Lynn,

Presently I would say "spinning my wheels" on the new venture as you know from my other thread about it.

With my other business The web design one) that I have been running since around 2000, it is feeling more and more like a time sucking hobby rather than a business as clients seem to want a lot more, for a lot less. That is why I am trying to change my focus to the new business.

I would love for both to work, the web design part I do like doing when I have good clients who want to follow through with things and not just expect it to work without putting in either the time or the money. And when it's had spurts of being good it does help pay the bills too. As an ex web designer (from memory) was there anything you did that helped bring in better clients. I know that you being US based you had a bigger market than I do, but surely there is a way to get more clients here when statistically our small businesses are one of the lowest dedicated website up takers in the western world (still less than 50% of Australian small business owners have a website!).

I don't know.... do you think the web design part is still worth pursuing or should I just solely focus on the new venture?