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Thread: Let's Talk - Where Are You With Your Online Business?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaablueii View Post
    Thank you for your reply. I realize that, but my issue is that even knowing that, I do not know where to start or how to create a website, get useful graphics, have it SEO optimized as much as possible. I know that the topic and the content etc need to be known. The design and construction of the site is my current problem
    Here is a resource that may be very helpful.

    In many cases we are well served to outsource some of our business tasks. For example, I do not do my own design work. I am not a designer and to spend my time trying to figure out web and blog design is not a good use of my time.

    Running an online business does require some investments. Not doing so is one of the major stumbling blocks people have. I like the post with all the steps. Great recommendations.

    Prior to the Internet I worked with brick and mortar businesses. One could not get into business without some financial investment and yet, the #1 reason they closed their doors was lack of proper funding.

    You might want to check your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any programs that can teach you how to put a business plan together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaablueii View Post
    The design and construction of the site is my current problem.
    It's completely understandable that you might feel that way. But for the record, it's not actually true.

    It would be more accurate to say that the design and construction of your site and all these kind of related technical issues are your problem, if you want them to be your problem.

    If you do, ok, it's not really a problem, but a voluntary choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaablueii View Post
    Having a real problem getting started as I do not know how to design and get a website up. Seems that I need technical help before I worry about the niche, monitizing, marketing, etc. Really need an A-Z plan that includes the details of EXECUTION of the steps.
    Feel free to start a new thread here on the forum asking for help getting started.

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    Hi Lynn,

    I always look forward to your posts, emails, newsletters and webinar.

    I am learning more from you and expanding my business more. I still have a lot hurdles to overcome but I am working on them. I putting hardwork and time to succeed

    Thank you
    Nice knowing you.. Thank you, james samy

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    Same with're cool...

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinwork View Post
    I am new to internet marketing and don't know how to promote things, thats why i suffer for some time but now i just giving much attention to on line business. Doing SEO by my self and also running some campaigns.
    You are in a great location to get excellent information from those who are making it work. It is a process and one that does take time, focus, commitment and attention.

    Best of luck

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    I need help converting through affiliate marketing...

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    after 3 years of work i have a nice income with my online business. but it is still not enough...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn Terry View Post
    I'm curious how things are going with your online business.

    Take a second to choose one of the 3 options from the poll above, and then hit reply and tell us a bit about where you are and what you're challenged with - or what success you're seeing - with your online business.

    I've been traveling non stop for the last couple of months, and I'd love to just take five and catch up with you a bit!

    After 2 months in Im, I have 2x websites (1 squeeze page and 1 sales page) and have made my first clickbank sale. I have to admit that regarding the squeeze page I took the easy option. Everything was set up by the affiliate so I can concentrate on generating traffic!

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    Nothing going good in my way.
    Just i am waiting for a good deal.


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