Wow! Meatloaf flashback...You took the words right outta my mouth... (but no kissing involved Lynn HA!) Like you, I run a free forum (plus a paid membership area) and I've been feeling somewhat distant from my members lately too! And you just brought it to light is growing on me and I need to re-evaluate my current outsourcing needs so I have more time to enjoy my business again and do the things I love doing in it. Thanks for that AHA today for me

I used to know everybody that joined my forum but lately I can hardly keep up with just saying hi to the new members. I feel distant/disconnected with the friends who made my network what it is today. I know it stems from my business making more money this year because with business growth comes more backend work for me taking me away to do it. Time once again to restructure my current outsourcing needs and bring on more people to help me which will be one of my goals this month.

I feel like I've lost that FUN reason I started up my connect, socialize and share information with like-minded business entrepreneurs. I want that back again!

I'm reading a book right now which I recommend along this theme (Trust Agents by Chris Brogan). Basically so far its about gaining trust with your audience through human connection which in turn can become a powerful force for your business.

Another goal this month for me is to spend scheduled time in the morning and late afternoon at my forum, just doing what I love doing again...sharing my knowledge, learning from others and socializing I always feel like I don't have time but do we ever have enough time? I'm just going to make the time, no ifs, ands or buts this month and get back into my old habit of hanging out with my friends again.

How will you connect with your target market this month?