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Thread: Facebook Or Twitter Best Results?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engage View Post
    I get the theory of building relationships, and enjoy it, but again, the time investment is so high, that the return on investment just doesn't seem to be there.
    I did some outsourcing and got some very reliable people helping me so it's like I am doing a lot of things at the same time. I have a personal assistant that does the twitter thingy for me, that's just for one site and the result is phenomenal. I never thought I would get that much traffic just for sending updates via tweets. It surpassed my expectations.

    Then I got another person to keep my facebook updated. The result is amazing! I know a lot of people with the same strategy. I actually got the idea from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmmoore321 View Post

    We autopost our blogposts to facebook, and we get 10-20 responses on most posts. I have also figured out how to import those comments back into my blog (which only typically gets 1-2 comments per post). It seems most of the conversation is moving to facebook as it is somewhere people are hanging out already. They can stay engaged with us and our content on the platform they feel comfortable with. We don't get as much traffic to our site maybe, but we have an active active readership who responds fabulously to our offers there.

    Today I switched things up and it only imports a blurb from our post, and we saw a big jump in traffic to our actual site. I will definitely keep experimenting with Facebook and building the relationships there. People love to feel connected and feel like you are "real people".
    I would love to know how to just have a blog post blurb show up on my fan page AND how to import those comments back into the blog. That would be awesome! Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    For affiliate marketing, I don't really get much out of Twitter. Of course, I might be biased because I think Twitter is a heaping pile of dung. Just me.

    Facebook, on the other hand, has a much better chance of going viral for you. If a person becomes a fan of your page, all of their friends see that in their activity. Some may choose to be a fan too. Then all of their friends see that, etc., etc.

    The other amazing thing about Facebook is that over 50% of Facebook users log on every single day. If you post a message on Facebook, you are almost guaranteed that each fan of the page is going to see the message. If you post something on Twitter, your followers are only likely to see it if they are logged on within a minute or two of when you post it. After that, it will be too far down their feed for them to ever see it.

    It might take a little longer to build a large number of fans on Facebook then it does a large number of followers on Twitter, but I think you get a higher ROI.

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    Mike, thanks for your analysis, appreciate it.

    OK, here's what I probably need. A Facebook user whose page is all about marketing on Facebook. If anybody has a suggestion of such a user, your advice most appreciated.

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    They both work well for me. I also use LinkedIn and find it to be an excellent resource.

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