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Thread: Live Case Study - Follow me to $50 per day in 50 days

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    So after drilling into the amazon top selling pages, I came across Game Cameras

    I am familiar with the hunting community, have been part of it, and have friends and family that are very involved in the community.

    The Game cameras have a high sales price (over $100), and hunters are very passionate about their gear, and preparing for hunting. Also people wanting to see what is sneaking around their house in rural areas use these cameras. Its always interesting to see what is sneaking around after dark.

    Next, I will check out the traffic, and competition for this niche.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russell View Post
    So after drilling into the amazon top selling pages
    Could you elaborate a bit on this? Thanks.

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    Russell,Thanks for sharing this with us.It will be great to watch this come together.I like the way you have laid out how you will find your niche.Looking forward to see what you pick out.

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    Neat idea, Russell. I will watch this thread with considerable interest.

    I like your starting focus: first pick a hobby-related interest, then find a potentially profitable product within it and focus on that. I suppose there is a range of products associated with that camera-- different brands and models. That also sounds like the type of item people might download a PDF on for tips on using it (or am I jumping ahead of things there?).

    Wade Watson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engage View Post
    Could you elaborate a bit on this? Thanks.
    I used the Amazon Top Sellers page to drill into many categories of interest, that were previously listed, and basically looked for well selling items that were prices above $100.

    Some pages also provide info on how long the item has been on the top seller list. For this project, I want an evergreen product, that has likely been on the list a long time, indicating that its not just a hot or seasonal item.

    There were other items I could have promoted, like the beach body Insanity workout for $140, but something like that belongs to a very competitive niche, so I stayed away, and it didnt really meet my criteria, since I didnt specify health/excercise on my Interests list.

    This page gives you an idea of what the top sellers are in each niche.

    For instance Binoculars seem to sell well on Amazon, and are in teh same hunting category, but binoculars come in many prices, and sizes, and arent specific to any niche. So choosing something like that, may get people looking for $2.00 kids binoculars, or $39.00 opera binoculars.

    With the game cameras, there are pretty specific uses for them, and the price range on most of them will give me a pretty good commission.

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    Thank you Russell, very informative!

    Hmm... Perhaps I'm being dense. Are the categories listed on that page the only best seller categories available?

    The categories I see are:

    Toys & Games
    Camera & Photo
    Movies & TV

    Thanks again, interesting thread.

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    You will see on the top that you are in the best sellers tab, and on the left are all of the categories of best sellers.

    Im seeing about 20 categories, in which you can drill down into, and go into sub categories

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    Oh dear, sorry bout that, I was being dense. Ok, I'm up to speed now, thanks.

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    What an awesome thing to follow. Some of us have been working at this for more than a year without much coming in but still some going out. I'm sure this will be helpful to many including me! Thanks.

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    Today seemed like I didn't really make much progress, but I guess I did still get some work done.

    I was able to get into google and do some research on the niche. I used the google keyword tool ( to see how much traffic there is for game cameras, and it looks like there is about 135k searches per month on that term, so I went to google to do a phrase match on that term, and found 239000 results. This is a lot of results, but for that amount of traffic, its really not bad at all. So I will be using this as my overall niche, but not really targeting "game camera" as a keyword, at least in the beginning. I did find a really good keyword though "hunting camera" that gets 33k searches per month, and only returns 24k results in google. So this will be a good one to go after.

    The niche has plenty of traffic, so I should be able to meet the goal I ma going after, and on the down side, the big dogs are competing here too, like amazon, walmart, and cabelas.

    Amazon does a great job of having a ton of related content on its pages, that google just gobbles up, but there are rarely any external links pointing to these pages. And the same applies with walmart, and the others, so I think I do have a chance at getting up in the top 3 with them after some time.

    So I have basically found products and a niche in Amazon that appeal to me, and I went to google to see if the traffic and competition make sense, which they do.

    I build a small spreadsheet to track the numbers and keywords, and I consider having more that 10k searches, and less than 50k results a good number for this project.

    If I was going after a smaller niche, and not as big of a goal in mind (at least for physical products) then I would consider a lot less search traffic.

    Next I will be finding keywords for the individual products I will be selling, and working them in with my overall niche keyword scheme.

    Also, forgot to mention that I found affiliate programs that I can use. Amazon will be my #1, but I also have a couple of backup programs, that I can use, and may even include, since most other programs pay less, but do offer 30-90 day cookies.


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