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Thread: Live Case Study - Follow me to $50 per day in 50 days

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    Arrow Live Case Study - Follow me to $50 per day in 50 days

    I am going to be doing a live case study to test a marketing method before teaching it to my students.

    I will be choosing a choosing a niche, doing keyword research, buying a domain, creating a site, and marketing a few products to a niche with a goal of making $50 per day at the end of my 50 day case study. I will also be only spending 30 minutes per day on the project.

    I will be showing you the steps I take and decisions I make to reach my goal.

    I will try to update this thread daily, or at least multiple times per week to report status, and decisions that need to be made to reach my goal.

    I'm doing this also to prove to people that it doesnt take that much work on a consistent basis to make a significant change in your income, and also to make myself follow all of the steps I will be teaching new and existing student to take with their own business.

    Your feedback will be appreciated, and I hope to answer any questions promptly, as well as consider new methods and techniques into this live case study.

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    Looking forward to this Russell. Go for it.

    Great title, great idea for a thread. The "real deal let's do it" thread. Thumbs up from here.

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    Great way to help. I think those of us who struggle with making a consistent income will love the road map. It is sometimes hard to believe it can be done with so little time each day.

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    Will be following and looking forward to it.

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    Go for it Russell. Looking forward to watching.

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    I looking forward to starting the first steps. Later today I will be going through the niche selection process, and finding a theme for the new site, as well as products to sell.

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    I ;am going to love following this....I get "lost" in the shuffle......I learn and then do some..but not all..then get sidetracked. I need to foloow thru to completion.

    thanks for sharing the process with us.

    we can then apply to our own niches or businesses.


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    I've mainly been only an occasional lurker in this forum, but you certainly have my attention now!

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    I will be watching with great interest as well!!

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    My actions for today will be to find a Niche.

    First I have though of hobbies and interests that I have, or that close friends and family have that would be willing to give their expert input when aked for.

    When listing hobbies of friends, these need to be your interests as well. You dont want to choose something you have no interest in. Although something you have no interest in can be profitable, and may be ok to start with, just to get to know things, you're really better off having a genuine interest in the subject to keep your online money making more of a paying hobby, than a dreaded job.

    So I did some brain storming and came up with the following

    My Hobbies / Interests


    Interests / Hobbies of people close to me

    Hunting / Guiding - Friends / Father
    Fly Fishing - Friend
    Photography - Sister / Friends / Personal Interest
    Guitar / Music - Friends

    THis was a broad list of my interests, and interests of people close to me that could be used as my expert in that field

    After jotting down my list, I will go into amazon's top sellers and started looking around (

    I will also dive into google's SKtool to dive into niches to see if anything stands out.

    Both of these places are great to sort of surf around, and gather ideas, as well as see how popular things are.

    I am looking for an item that is selling for more than $100 (for decent affiliate commissions). I also wanted the buyers in this niche to be passionate about their hobby, and would have a burning desire to buy this product.

    I will post back later today with my results, and go a little further into the process.


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