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Thread: Live Case Study - Follow me to $50 per day in 50 days

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    "Can we scrape reviews from sites and use it for our own affiliate sites?"

    If you can it will be explicitly allowed in the Affiliate center and in the TOS. If not - then you'd be stepping on uncertain ground!

    I heard that this is OK for Amazon but you'd need to check for yourself.


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    Yes, i did pull the reviews from Cabelas. My original paln was to be a cabelas affiliate as well as amazon, but cabelas just didnt pay enough, and amazon didnt have enough reviews for the items I am selling.

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    Hey Russell,

    What are you using for your auto responder? And since Amazon is the supplier, how will you be able to alert subscribers to deals?

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    I am using aweber as my auto responder service. I am sending out an email about once a week as a broadcast, and its just something related to the niche. I also plan on promoting some other vendors through the auto-responder too.

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    Default Blog or fairly static site

    Hi Russell

    I just discovered this thread and your website today. This is extremely interesting. Congratulations on what you have achieved thus far!

    I was wondering if, once you're satisfied with the site's content, you plan to run this website with regular new content on a regular basis, or rather if you plan to update it only when some new important product can be added to it, and just stick to promoting it with articles, in forums and with your newsletter on an ongoing basis.

    Are you planning to promote it with advertising such as adwords, or just through rather organic traffc?

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    Great information and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.
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