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Thread: Let's Share Some Backlinking Timesavers

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    Default Let's Share Some Backlinking Timesavers

    Today I posed a question on Lynn's webinar about the time it takes to to backlink/SEO work.

    I thought it might be a good idea to repeat a question I posted on Lynn's webinar chat today. I'm sure everyone could benefit from sharing a few tips.

    I find backlink work one of the toughest obstacles in Internet marketing. Forums are good places to do this, but to immerse yourself in one and make a positive contributing can take a hours if you're not careful (and that's just for one). Locating, reading, and commenting at blogs is similar.

    Some people seem to be able to knock out articles on anything very quickly, but I seldom seem to finish more than one in an afternoon/evening. Perhaps I'm too much of a stickler for research/details.

    Judy Kelly said she outsources backlinking, which does sound like the ultimate solution. I know from experience that producing super good content can let you off the hook for a lot of it by giving others good reason to create links on their own. But you must get the word out initially, and, hopefully, in the most efficient way.

    For those doing it themselves, what timesaving tips do you have to offer for doing backlink work?

    Wade Watson

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    If your doing it yourself, I think the most effective way, is to set a time like 20 minutes, and just do that. Get in the mode and do a set amount of time. If you're not in the mood, then find something else to do until you can devote a set amount of tiem toward that single task.

    If you are having trouble getting started, break the task down a little more and start with just gathering a list of potential sites to create links on, then a second task would be to actually create the links.

    When registering for many sites at once, you can open many tabs at once, with a new site in each tab, then for site one do step one of the regestration, then do step 1 in tab 2, then tab 3, and so on. Then come back and do step 2 through all tabs.

    Using this method you can register for many sites within a very limited amount of time.
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    what is Traffic Bug?

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    If you are looking to save time backlinking, without completely outsourcing the work, I would suggest using software that is out there to cut the time down. For example...

    SocialBot - Social bookmarking to 60+ popular bookmarking sites and 1200 other social bookmarking sites.

    RSSBot - Submit RSS feed to 25+ RSS aggregators.

    Comment Kahuna - Quickly searches for blogs of related keywords you choose (can even narrow the search by a minimum pagerank) and does semiautomatic comment posting.

    Market Samurai - Besides being a great tool for keyword research, it will also uncover all the backlinks your competition is using so you can copy their work.

    These are just a few of the many tools that are available out there to save you time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellis View Post
    hello Jeanette,
    it's a tool that I use to IMPROVE your rankings
    Ellis, is this what you used for your Christmas 2009 blog that you have shown us in another post?

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    I have used traffic bug, but dont care for the results, and from reading some of Matt Cutts coments, I will be staying away from services like that.

    Matt basically says there are good neighborhoods, and bad neighborhoods. The reason .edu and .gov sites are so good to have backlinks on, is because for the most part they are pretty good neighborhoods that are well moderated, and no spam.

    When you get to some of these social bookmarking sites, they may not be that bad of a neighborhood to start with, but when using a service like traffic bug to post on them, they can turn into a bad neighborhood pretty quick.

    This happened to me a few months back...

    I signed up for trafficbug, and put a few sites in, and it appeared links were being built, and I verified they were.

    Then a couple weeks later, I was surfing around and saw a page that traffic bug had put one of my links on, and also saw that there were porn links right next to a link to my site.

    This instantly turns this neighborhood into a bad one. Kind of like someone coming through and spraying graffiti on your house.

    I think if you use socialbookmarking, your best doing it manually, and building a profile that has similar links on that profile page. Doing this gives you a way to make a nice block in any neighborhood. Keep in mind though, the social bookmarking site can end up just like squidoo, and get pretty much ignored by google like it has in the past for being too spammy.

    Anyway, thats my opinion of social bookmarking tools

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    Ellis, I'm no expert, but I'm in agreement with Russell on this one. If this tool was one of the things that got your site ranked on google, from what you've explained on other threads, it didn't get you the results in sales conversions.

    I'm still thinking that the good google rankings were very related to that url name with the 2009 in it.

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    I guess I share Lynn's reluctance to go with automated backlinking services. I'm thinking fewer quality links probably beats more low quality ones.

    Like Russell, I've found an assembly line-style process works well for registrations. The way I've done is to start with Google search, open a lot of tabs, register for the appropriate looking forums, then do all the email replies later or the next day.

    Wade Watson

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    To get the most benefit from your link building efforts focus on higher page rank sites.

    Once you find a forum in your niche (you can try do an Advanced Google Search for your keyword for on the URL of the forum (set results to 100 per page). Then use the SEO Quake FireFox plugin to sort the results by pagerank.

    It is helpful to include the words Reply or Post Reply with your search term to try to limit the search results to open forum threads that you can reply to.


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