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Thread: How Many Searches Is A Good Number?

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    What's the opinion about the Global Monthly Search Volume in the Google Keyword Tool? A useful stat?

    In your opinion, is this tool sufficient for a casual keyword researcher?

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    The monthly is based on the last month, in your territory, so in my case it would be for the traffic in the US for the previous month.

    This is a good seasonal indicator, but I like to use the global searches for my research, but as I just stated in my live case study thread, its all about consistency, and using past results to give you some insight as to how the number will work out in the future.

    There are a million ways to do it, and they only give you a rough estimate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russell View Post
    There are a million ways to do it, and they only give you a rough estimate.
    I gotcha, that seems like a sensible practical way to look at it.

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    I'm blown away by all the 'goodness' here, as Perry Lawrence likes to say ( Everyone is so helpful and kind, so giving with their experience and knowledge.

    In taking Lynn's advice, I now have to hussle to find 2 domain names for my 2 most important blogs. Have just posted a new thread asking about my two name options for blog #1 about home appraisal tips. (toss in your 2 cents, if you have time)

    Soon as I get that domain purchased, I'll be back to print out each of your great posts here about keyword searches, what you recommend and what you do. I'll put that in a binder to study offline better. Thought I had keyword searches down about a year ago, but I can see I did not know nearly enough. I'm so thankful for Lynn's forum here and each of you members. Hope to meet many of you in person at some point.

    Thanks again,
    Sherie Smith

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    As I understand it, and maybe I don't, the WT tool shows the number of searches per day, averaged over the last 365 days.

    so, the keyword term 'hunting cameras' is getting 28 searches per day (as an average of the searches that have occurred over the last 365 days). The seasonal variations get washed out a bit by the 365 look back.

    If I recall correctly, Google Adwords averages over a shorter period of time - 90 days maybe???? The shorter period of time will make the season variations affect your results more than what you are seeing in WT.

    for example, the google results for 'roses' are much higher in Feb, March and April (due to Valentine's Day) than they would be in Aug, Sept and Nov.

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    Russell is right the number in free wordtracker are measured ove rthe year and that I guess is to average out seasonal factors.

    There is no one answer as to how many searches?

    Some people demand more - some sites make money from 50 visitors a depends on whether it is an adsense site, a hard goods sites and the price and profit margin of the product.

    Also what kind of purchase - does it solve a burning desire?

    If not it will be harder to make money from it.


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