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Thread: WordPress Workshop - Last Chance!

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    I just published the review of Dave's guide this morning.

    You'll find it at:

    Lynn Terry
    Site Admin

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    Thanks Lynn, great review, very well written. Thumbs up!!

    I think it's great you posted your link in this thread, as it seems very appropriate to our discussion above. Reading your review helped me clarify and clean up some of the muddle in what I was trying to say earlier.

    To a significant degree, perhaps all the business and technical complications of web publishing is where we go to hide from the real work, which lies on our side of the monitor.

    Why is everybody always looking for the "secret" to success online, the inside tip, the clever strategy etc?

    Maybe it's because we aren't ready to actually do what we already know how to do, and aren't ready to investigate why either.

    And so, we're open to somebody changing the subject from uncomfortable questions about ourselves, and thus become easy targets for anybody who wants to sell us the latest greatest whatever it is (a purchase which usually makes us poorer, not richer).

    My favorite sentence in your article was this highly concise review of the real bottom line...

    Wanting – that’s everyone.
    Wow, that's great.

    There are two flavors of ambition we might bring to this reality of the human condition.

    1) We could try to learn how to get what we want, in the hope that getting what we want will remove the experience of want.

    2) We could shift our focus from what we want, to wanting itself.

    We are already the richest people to ever walk the face of the earth. We're wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of those who came before us, and are billionaires compared to the majority of people living today, on just a few hundred dollars a year.

    Why do we still experience want?

    Will getting what we want actually fix it?


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