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Thread: Side Bar Tags

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    Default Side Bar Tags

    I have 3 pages to a wp blog
    1 page is always a home page
    The side bar always by default accepts the title given to pages
    i would like to have the keywords in the side rather than the titles of the content and at the same time like to keep a home page

    How do i go about this


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    Clare Swindlehurst Guest


    Can you add widgets to your side bar? You should just be able to drag the tag widget into your sidebar in the WP admin panel which I think will do what you want.

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    Hi Clare

    Then what happens the page widgets. Will it also remain there?


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    I'm not sure what you mean by "the page widgets", but as you should see in your widgets part of the dashboard, you can drag over anything and as many as you wish. Once you do place even one widgets, the default sidebar items disappear, but can easily be replaced using widgets.



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