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Thread: Squeel! So Excited...

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    Default Squeel! So Excited...

    Just got confirmation earlier this week that my nomination for FIERCE (Females Inspiring Each Other in a Real Community of Empowerment) Woman of the Year Award in the category of Phenomenal Female in an award sponsored by Mom Magazine which is a local/regional magazine from a city sleeper community.

    What it means for the short term is a few publicity opps, some swag, a keepsake bracelet and a professional photo session courtesy of a city photographer. And I get to go to a fancy grown up party with champagne and h'or d'oevres (whether I can spell them or not!) and men in tuxes...swoon...

    My competition is from the greater Edmonton region...about 1 1/2 or so from here. So my chances might not be too hot...but the experience will be awesome I'm sure.

    We'll know where I place on April 24th...

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    Way to go Patrysha!


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