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Thread: Affiliate Marketing Tutorials?

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    Default Affiliate Marketing Tutorials?

    Would anyone like to share links to quality affiliate marketing tutorials?

    I'm looking for tutorials suitable for novices, introducing basic concepts.

    If your grandma decided she wanted to earn money with affiliate programs, what specific URLs would you send her to for good advice?


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    I would recommend Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook if they want to read and apply much like a student reading and learning a new topic chapter by chapter. Rosalind also launched Affiliate Blogger Pro which has tutorials, videos, and more community support which will probably better fit those who are visual learners and need to get help on a regular basis.

    I recommend those because all the content you need is centralized in one spot. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks Kimmoy, appreciate your reply. Yea, Rosiland knows her stuff.

    Here's a tutorial I'm looking at now, please feel free to share your review, and point to other and/or better tutorials you may know of.

    (PS: I have no relationship of any kind with this site.)

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    No problem, I see what you're looking for and I still think Rosalind is best. For example, the link you posted, my grandma wouldn't know how to build an affiliate website from that and she's a pretty sharp lady lol. In SAH, Rosalind uses images to support the text and actually walks you through step-by-step.

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    I hear you, it's surely true that there is no one perfect tutorial for everybody. And I do agree Rosiland has proven her value as a teacher. I'm all for seeing a variety of tutorials presented here.

    My specific reason for asking the question is that I'm trying to create an educational component within a tool I'm coding. Not being an affiliate marketing pro myself, I'm linking out to those who are.

    If I link out to Rosiland's page, my user arrives at a sales page, not an information page. On my computer/browser this sales page is completely unreadable, but I suspect it must be readable to most others.

    I would also like to create a list of tutorial membership sites, but I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to ask that question here. I haven't figured that one out yet.

    Anyway, thanks again, I do appreciate the link.

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    Oh ok, well I'm sure someone else will have more suitable resources for you. I've also heard good things about from PPCMOM who's an Elite member here I think. That's a tutorial membership site like the Affiliate Blogger Pro one I mentioned before.

    I'm interested to see what you find when it's all said and done

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    Thanks for participating Kimmoy, you've been quite helpful.

    And you've inspired a new question. Are there sites that specialize in listing and reviewing web biz membership clubs? I'm not sure we should list them here, but if they are already listed elsewhere, perhaps that's ok?

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    My whole site is internet marketing tutorials. It goes from creating free squidoo lenses, to small niche sites, and now we are working on creating authority blogs. I just go through covering different types of internet marketing strategies ~ the monetization being affiliate marketing. Take a look ~ might be a good fit for what you're doing. (it's the link in my sig)

    Check the articles page for a quick run down of what's available.

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    I am just finishing up Market Samurai's Thirty Day Challenge and would recommend it to anyone!!! I myself am a grandmother! Okay, a young nana but I found this FREE course amazing!

    They are yanking it as of the end of May so do it NOW! At least download all the videos to your computer so you have it as a GREAT reference library! They not only condone that they encourage it!

    In 30 days, or as long as it takes you, you will learn an ENORMOUS amount! They allow you to use MS for 40 days FREE & then discount it to you if you want to keep it. Word Press Direct [these are self hosted blogs b/c regular WP does not allow ads] gives you a FREE Bronze account which allows you to have 10 blogs! Traffic Bug, which is a url submission engine, gives you a month FREE too if you are doing the 30DC! You CANNOT lose!

    I am NOT affiliated with any of them, just a very satisfied customer. I just bought my full version of MS yesterday b/c I just love using it.

    What would I tell a grandmother? I would say go right now to and sign up! Make sure to get your copy of the software through the challenge so you get the full 40 day trial version... and embark on a educational journey you will not regret!

    Market Samurai and Word Press Direct was recommended to me by a young IT friend of my son's... he hadn't done the challenge... I told even him to go back a DO the challenge before its GONE!

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    If you want some videos i have some called affiliate windfall if you want a copy here is the link http:// They are not new vids but maybe they will help.


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