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Thread: How Do youFind your Niche ?

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    Default How Do youFind your Niche ?

    How do you find your "Niche" if you are not passionate about one subject ? I have an interest in lots of different things but i am not realy passionate about one thing. i also know a lot about different subjects but find it hard to stick to one. I have a few blogs but they are not good and are not profitable.i do like to do research but i do not think this is something I could use for a business. I also suffer from information overload as I subscribe to loads of marketing sites. I know you should concentrate on one subject but I still have to find that subject.
    Any ideas on how to solve this problem will be gratefully received.


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    I believe it was Lynn's friend Nicole Dean who said in a podcast something to the effect that "I haven't even used all the things I've already learned" in reference to taking on new IM information. At some point you have to decide to stop learning and start doing for real. You've got a good bit of useful rote knowledge in your head, but you have no success experience. That's where the most useful knowledge comes from. You have to look away from all the info clutter and just do something. Don't worry about picking the perfect niche. Think of the last 9-5 job you had. How much time there did you spend working on something that was perfectly suited to you. Probably not much. What you need most right now is a success. Prioritize taking something to the profit point and don't stop until you get there. That's it, basically. A very appealing niche is nice, but that's not what will make you successful. Only hard work will. Are you really ready to make a job of this and really work? If so, just put your "blinders" on and do something.

    Here's a link to a great post Lynn did on focus she wrote coincidentally(?) soon after I suggested she write something on her "blinders" concept. It helped me a lot (as does most of her stuff).

    Wade Watson

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    Hey Des,

    There are 4 ways to choose a good niche. I detail those in this post, along with a quick exercise that should prove helpful for you:

    How to Choose a Niche

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!
    Lynn Terry
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    Default Finding your niche

    I think we all suffer from information overload sometimes and for me the only way I can control it is follow a daily routine that first consist of doing a list of things that takes me closer to my goals. I do a list of things everyday now before I do anything else. Especially reading my email and seeing all those things,time consuming things that I have signed up to receive information on. Just simply don't do it.
    Exploring your passion is one way to find a niche. But having a specific area of knowledge can also provide clues to what kind of product or site might be a good for you.

    Grab a pen and piece of paper, and write down twenty things which you think you have some knowledge about. Write down the first things that comes to your mind. Narrow it down and hopefully you will see something that will be good for you.We all have to start somewhere and where you end up may not be where you started. talk with friends and family they may have noticed something you are really good at that you might not even have thought of.

    This list came for Lynn.

    Find your niche and then do this list everyday before you do anything else. It works.

    This list came for Lynn.

    *Add one new piece of content everyday ( with keyword phrase in title)
    *submit an article to a week
    *Set aside 30 minutes/day to find &comment on relevant niche blogs
    *Set aside 10 minutes to join new forum and/or post at a niche forum
    *Research niche directories & rss/blod directories and submit to 3-5/day
    *Set aside time to create content/properties & publish to ;blogger
    blog,squidoo lens,guest blog posts ,ect
    *Update twitter & facebook daily with something niche-specific & of interest to your target market.

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    I think this is something we all struggle with. I actually have little problems finding a niche, but have a difficult time finding a good keyword phrase to center my niche on.

    One reason why I have personally struggled is because the advice you get from things like the "30 Day Challenge" is to find a keyword phrase that has high enough search volume but low enough competition to be worth investing in building a blog around. I've spent tens and tens of hours AFTER identifying niches only to come up dry with a keyword phrase that meets the parameters. I go down countless rabbit holes of time only to come up with too much competition.

    So, Lynn, my question to you is... should we just go with a topic and go after it with long tail phrases with less search volume that seem to have more commercial intent and very little competition?

    Do you have certain parameters you look for in a keyword phrase as a main phrase to center a blog or strategy around?

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    thanks for all the advice I will take it on board and let you know how i get on. I do have a few blogs running and make some money but I need to do a make over on them and then and focus on getting more traffic, and monitizing them more.will just have to stick to one subject a day. That seems to be my biggest problem. i hope to get this under control soon.
    P.s my blogs are

    These are all run on wprobot at the moment ! Have you any views on Autoblogging !

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    I gave a little info on how I went about finding a niche in my case study post here

    Scroll down a few posts

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    When at a loss I have used Micro Niche Finder from the start to dig up small niche sites. They have a brain storm option that just throws some random phrases, I then dig down from there and keep going until something of interest pops up, then do research from there onwards.

    Some of my biggest earning search phrases have come about this way.

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    I would imagine it's extremely common. I am on a new niche hunt soon so will be doing it again soon and will try and report some results.

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    Red face Can really relate....

    Thanks so much for this thread. I REALLY relate. Indecision and distractions are my two adversaries. Once you choose a niche, what is the best way to become an expert with something to say? I have an area of interest, but certainly don't feel like an expert or one who has something interesting to say. Any suggestions on how to overcome this hurdle? I actually like to research things on the internet, but always find sites that know so much more than I do about the subject and then get discouraged that no one would be interested in my site. Thanks in advance for your advice!


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