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Thread: Your Favorite Business Reads?

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    adavant Guest

    Default Your Favorite Business Reads?

    What are your favorite business reads? I'm looking for a few good books to read. thanks,

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    Hmm, I just read Robert Cialdini's 50 ways to yes, which was great, and I am in the middle of the Updated and Expanded 4 Hour Work Week, which is a must if you haven't read it.

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    Ditto on the Robert Cialdini plug, Russell. I finally am digging through Influence and kicking myself that I waited so long - a great read, and useful. Now I know why I am such a 'patsy' to use the author's term! Yes is next, then Attracting Perfect Customers by Stacy Hall & Jan Brogniez.

    Hope you find a perfect match!

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    I'll have to post in a few weeks but I'm enjoying Socialnomics and I liked Crush It too. Tons more but I'm not at home to read from my bookshelf. Traveling for a few weeks.

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    I just ordered Crush It and The Revised 4 Hour Work Week today. Hoping I'll enjoy these.


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