Am I making too big a deal of this? Pulling my hair out, need some guidance. All week, when I try to view my website(s) on FF or IE browser on computers protected by Norton Internet Security, I receive a message saying 'a recent attempt to attack your computer was blocked. Further details say, "an intrusion from 'website url' was blocked.

More detail: HTTP Malicious Javascript Encoder 5,
attacking computer:,, on a shared hosting server,
attacking url: mywebsite /preloadmenuimages.js or /milonic_src.js

I used XSitePro2 to set these sites up, update them on occasion, have never gotten this message before Tuesday. Since then, I did an FTP on, thinking it could solve the issue. I did not update Same thing happens when viewing both sites: no menu navigation, no info bar navigation, but footer navigation is ok, and body of page ok.

How serious is this, and how can I get this resolved? I am completely stumped and am spending all my energy on this since these are my main websites with my main hosting account. I have another site that I set up with XSitePro2 on a different hosting account, which is also viewing fine,

So, there are some workarounds here, I just don't like getting a high risk message... What if customers are getting that message when they view the site(s)?

  • NIS Tech Support has been working with me daily all week with no solutions.
  • My hosting co. (GVO) says all is well with my site, they see no errors.
  • I can view these sites fine on computers where AVG is the virus software running and no messages about this 'attack'.

I just don't want to ignore this if it is a real issue. If it is not a real issue, what can I do locally,
  1. to see my nav bar and menu items,
  2. to neutralize this 'malicious attack'
  3. to STOP getting the RED High Risk message

Help, Please. I appreciate any new insights.