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Thread: Interested in Autoblogging

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    Anybody interested in Autoblogging ? If you are not sure what it is or just want to know more check out which is all free.

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    Clare Swindlehurst Guest


    Thanks for sharing this - autoblogging is one of those strategies that I've always steered away from. I suppose it can be good if you stick to the white hat side of the fence...

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    This might not be the best place to find autobloggers. A member her had a somewhat tense exchange awhile back in a thread with someone who had pulled her RSS feed without credit to drop into another blog. The biggest issue with "autoblogging" I see is that is usually involves using other people's content without their permission. There are free news feeds, feeds from Amazon and others that anyone can use, but these tend to be so duplicated that you're not likely to get much search ranking from them. So to make any money you have to build a "blog empire"-- lots and lots of blog sites that earn fairly small amounts of income each. That's a lot to manage.

    After looking into various methods, I've decided a fewer-sites-of-greater-quality strategy is by far the best approach. Lynn seems to do that, too. One way to get quality content is to find offline people who want to establish a web presence and JV with them. Lynn has lots of other ideas for creating quality content in her blog.


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    We have some good information listed over at V7N about autoblogging. I tried this for 2 months and then decided to drop the website and removed all content. There are other ways to earn money with blogging anyways. I am not even sure the thread creator is self promoting in the OP or not.

    See this thread for more info and then discuss it over here.


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