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Thread: "Umbrella" sites?

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    I just want one site that a person can go to ... and from that one site access each of my niche sites. I am not thinking of a way to get backlinks, just one site for easy accessibility and so when talking to someone I could just give them ONE url to remember but they could find them all...

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    Debra, don't worry I'm not easily offended. And no, even if I were, I don't think your statement seemed offending.

    In fact, in general I agree with you. For a site about, let's say, cat toys, it would be plain stupid to call it "malkats", or something like that. There I would go for keywords.

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    My situation isn't really the same, but I do use my name dot com for my business card URL because it's simple and easier than saying "go here go there go here" Mine is at if you wanted to look at what I did there. I didn't put ALL my domains on there though, just a few that are important to me.


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