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Thread: Super Affiliate Handbook Question

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    Hi Scott, sorry, didn't mean to change the subject of your thread. You were wondering whether the information you'd been given was reliable, and I was wondering that too.

    For the record, and to shift from opinions to fact, the book is still for sale, and here is the first paragraph of the sales copy.

    How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online

    This is amazing true story of how I, with no previous business experience, earned $435,000+ in 2002 (much more now) … selling other people’s stuff online!

    This same statement is repeated within the sales copy. Decide for yourself.

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    Ok, here is the final (I hope) word on this--at least my case. I got a response to my request to an update to the Super Affiliate Handbook back from Rosalind and she said she didn't have provide lifetime updates back in 2005. Like I said earlier, and giving the benefit of the doubt, I didn't remember whether the sales page said those were provided or not. I was going on what others had said. So here is a lesson learned--keep a snapshot of the page when you order something, so that you can see what was promised.

    And then it hit me: I can check the Wayback Machine! They store a snapshot of the main page for tons of websites (which can be very useful when you are buying an existing domain--to see what was on the main page might be useful). I realized I could check there and see if copy of the Super Affiliate Handbook sales page (which was the site's main page) was stored there around the time when I bought the handbook.

    I checked and it was there and guess what? There was no promise of lifetime updates at that time. Oh, well In fact, I looked through the snapshots and it was October 21, 2007 when the promise of lifetime updates was added to the sales page. Prior to that it wasn't.

    So if you bought your copy before October 21, 2007 (like me), you are probably out of luck. After that you should be OK.

    Lynn, if you are still checking this thread, I'd be interested to know about when you purchased your copy (if you remember). The only reason I'm curious is that I didn't find the information in the Oct 2005 version particularly helpful and since you had high reviews for it, I wondered if perhaps there were significant improvements by the time you purchased it.



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