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Thread: Nofollow / dofollow links

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    Default Nofollow / dofollow links

    Here's an article, and a free tool, that I've found helpful
    in working with link building.

    First, a great article from Will Bontrager that explains the issue
    of nofollow and dofollow links.

    Next, a free Firefox plugin that makes it really easy
    to see whether the links on a site are nofollow or dofollow.

    Read about the plugin here:

    Download plugin here:

    Very nifty, and very simple!

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    Thanks for the tip, Engage. They seem to have updated NoDoFollow. Last time I updated Firefox I had to loose it because it didn't run with 3.0+. It seems to now, though.


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    Thank you that FF plug is very useful.

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    Actually, I think I might have first heard of this plugin somewhere on this forum. Thanks to whoever mentioned it first.

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    laaronblase Guest


    Great post ...
    That was really useful..


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