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Thread: Problems accessing webinars

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    CarolGiambri Guest

    Default Problems accessing webinars

    I am using two different addresses to access notices about webinars and today I didn't receive any notification one was happening. Both email addresses didn't show anything. Reason for subscribing using second email is because yahoo emails was being very unpredictable. Well now gmail is too. Maybe me?

    Glad I am an elite member for replays, etc. benefits.

    Now for future, Lynn, any suggestions as I am already subscribed and system won't allow me to resubscribe?


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    I had the same problem when I first subscribed, Carol, and then did the same thing - two email subscription addresses. That fixed things until today. No email in either box today.

    I wondered if the webinar had been canceled and posted a question on the elite board. No response.

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    As I'm sure you know by now there was no webinar today, still on hiatus until next week. Be sure to follow Lynn's Twitter stream too because it's always there. Not sure about the mailing today, sorry.

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    CarolGiambri Guest


    Thanks Angie for info. Jeannette your fast reply too. Now we know and I rushed home. Should have gone to twitter and now will.


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    Sorry guys - I sent out an email last week that the webinars were postponed, and that I would email again when we were back on schedule. Which will be next week We will still have Brainstorming Hour on Thursday for Elite Members, so I'll see you then!
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    CarolGiambri Guest


    No sweat. I thought it was just last week we were "vacationing" but I didn't read it well enough. Still we thought about you and Slim.

    dog talk: Oh, my dog's ear infection is doing great after her long bout of LUPUS recovery. Vet's office using clay as my suggestion and I bring in. It's 2 weeks of treatments there and almost 1 down. Life couldn't be better spent with my best friend anyway--Molly! I would love to find her one day her own Nanny!



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