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Thread: Seven Ways to Make Some Extra Money Online

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    Cool Seven Ways to Make Some Extra Money Online

    If you already have a business up and running online, here are seven extra money making ideas you can use to spice up your revenue:

    1. Send Out an E-mail Advising New Blog Posts

    Naturally, you first have to collect the e-mail addresses of your blog readers. When you have them, you can send them a direct email each time you post something new and interesting on your blog.

    Don't include the full blog post. Make this an ‘appetizer’, and invite them to read on further via your link.

    You can make money in many ways on your blog, and the extra traffic will result in extra income.

    2. Make a Special Time-Limited Offer

    Take one of your best products, and make a special time-limited offer. Make sure to take down the offer once the deadline has been reached.

    3. Tweet about New Blog Posts

    If you have a large list of followers, you should tweet about it when you post something interesting on your blog. Again, monetize your blog, and the extra traffic should result in extra money.

    4. Create a Package of Your Products

    If you have several products already, why don't you make a package of them and sell it for a discounted price?

    5. Send out Daily Seasonal Mails

    If your blog or site has anything that could be just slightly related to Christmas or Easter, these are great seasonal times during which to make money.

    Send out daily tips for Christmas or Easter, and invite people to read the remainder of the text on your site.

    You should see immediate results.

    6. Write about a Specific Product

    Instead of just having banners promoting products on your site or blog, choose one particular product and write about it in more depth.

    People are more likely to buy something after reading about it in detail, rather than just viewing a 125x125 picture.

    7. Make a Give-Away with a One-Time Offer

    You don't have to organize a huge give-away with hundreds of other participants, donating thousands of products.

    You can arrange your own give-away, either with a new report you’ve written, or utilizing some of your older products which you used to sell.

    Make a one-time offer, either in conjunction with one of your other products, or find a Joint Venture partner with whom to work.

    You'll be surprised by the number of people who actually buy this one-time offer, but only if it's closely related to your free gift.

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    laaronblase Guest


    These are really amazing ways to earn some extra money online. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Thank you, Britt. Now I just have to get that site up so I can get going... :-)

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    Thank you for suggesting these tips to help us keep active with our blogs and Web sites and to possibly make some money along the way.

    It's also important to do these consistently, too.
    Karen McGreevey
    Web site: Konceptuality
    Blog: Kittens 'n Things
    Twitter me KarenMcGreevey

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    Satu, just get started You learn, as you go.

    Karen, yes, I agree.

    Taking action, and being consistent is probably the two most important ingredients to success.

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    I'm not so sure I'd agree with #5. Daily emails might be a little overkill. I know that I would kill that subscription after about 3 days. . .

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    That didn't happen in my case, Jeanette

    I got more and more subscribers, and since the ones who didn't want the daily season mails could opt-out of those, nobody else unsubscribed.

    Now I have moved some of the tips to a specific site. People sign up directly to get daily tips before Xmas, so of course they also expect to get daily tips.

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    A great list of things I forget about. I'm adding to my IM checklists and schedules. Thanks!

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    Default Good point!

    Quote Originally Posted by TMichaelRogers View Post
    A great list of things I forget about. I'm adding to my IM checklists and schedules. Thanks!
    You're welcome, T Michael

    And thanks for coming up with a really good point:

    checklists and schedules!

    I've been guilty of not using them earlier on, but I only started to become really productive, when I started using them.

    Right now I have two main tool: a paper calendar, and Evernote. I'm sure I couldn't do my business without those two tools.

    In the calendar, I write my over all goals for that day, like "write 3 articles", renew this domain, setup new WP blog.

    In Evernote, I keep track of my goals and my tasks.

    Good point

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