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Thread: Looking for thoughts/opinions on my video

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    I like the video and it seems like there's no big problem about it, but I think the reason why has a few views is because you haven't promoted it yet. how about trying to make it go viral?

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    wow. so many answers. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back here. It's been a crazy week for me at home.

    Let's see if I can address everyone who was so kind to leave a comment.

    Scootek, I thank you for your honest answer. I would be a fool to take offense seeing as I need to know this info and if I couldn't take it, I have no business asking for it. Thank you. As I see some others also thought it may be a little boring. I was unsure myself. But as it was only the second video I every made, I thought I would get some input.

    Engage, I watched your video, laughed in a few parts. Those are some cool pics of people in the right places for the video. I'm not quite sure either how much it will accomplish, but it was fun to watch and I did get the message of what you were saying in regards to your tool/service.

    Britt Malka. I too have tried the free trial for the video robot and wasn't really impressed with it. I do not really like the automated voices or how the software breaks up my article for wording. Don't think I will be going with it for the paid version.

    TorontoCarol, thank you for the encouraging words. I was nervous but also was talking off the top of my head, next time, I definitely need to have a script so I will not be trying to think of what to say next. The music is for sure the hardest part to pick in those powerpoint video types. One reason why I was thinking of the personal aspect.

    John P. I know what you are saying. I am the same way when it comes to certain people. It is true that video and audio is the fastest way to get people to learn to understand, trust and like you.

    MikeF421- I was looking at that GFX Writer too. That is the one by those 2 warriors is it not? It is $25 which is affordable. I may consider it.

    SherieSmith- you have offered a wonderful opportunity and I have sent you an email. Thank you!!

    and finally Egoistic- could you share some more tips or ideas of how to make my video viral in the best way(preferably free or affordably too). I know I really could use some help in getting people to find and watch my videos.

    You are all wonderful and I could not have asked for better advice and tips than you have offered here. Thank you all for your time. I will be sure to share more videos with you in the future so you can see my progression and let me know what you think.

    Wishing you all the best!


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