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Thread: Leigh's Advanced Fan Page Solutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by HireMyMum View Post
    Hi Robert

    Did you mean this one; - This is a new site with animated LIKE it /LIKE us arrow and video embedded welcome page.

    I have corrected that now thanks.

    Go figure, now the 1st hyperlink works. Thanks.

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    Hi Folks

    Just an update, I have now finished Lynn's FbPg, Twitter, Youtube & Blog Broadcast backgrounds.

    You can see them at;

    I have now implemented my first ever affiliate program and will be initially inviting customers to join the program, but will consider special requests to join.

    Lynn, can you post your link in here as the original one is now obsolete although it is still active till the end of the month. I will extend the discount code: 49special for a further 2 weeks for elite members only.

    This has been a roller coaster month, but I have found my niche Hallelujah!

    I have also done;

    With a few more in the pipeline ... you know who you are

    Thanks to all for your input and support for both Advanced Fan Page Solutions and Promote My Fan Page



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