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Thread: Need help with Amazon image links

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    Default Need help with Amazon image links

    I hope someone here can help me figure out how to create a clickable Amazon image. I know how to create an anchor text with a product link, but understanding how to do that for an image is still a mystery.

    And, yes, I've watched Lynn's video on affiliate links

    In fact, I've watched this video about five times. But at the very end of the video, I still don't get exactly what she's doing. I don't get how to use the affiliate link in the code to make an image clickable that you got off a product page.

    In the trick to use your affiliate link as the way you bring up the page that has the image on it you want?


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    I know that Adriana has a post on this exact subject somewhere on her site- here you go-

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    Thank you, Ellen, for that link.

    I can follow all of those instructions until the very end where she says to paste the image code for the image location, and then I get lost. I don't understand where to paste the image location code!

    Does she mean to replace the image code in the product code that you've already placed on your page with the image location code?


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    Ellen, thanks for linking to my tutorial.

    Quote Originally Posted by Faith View Post
    Does she mean to replace the image code in the product code that you've already placed on your page with the image location code?
    Faith, yes, you replace the image code you already copied form amazon (in my post, I highlighted yellow the one in my example, and they all look very similar.

    Does this make more sense?

    If not, copy your code here (put it between "code" brackets so we can see it, an ill tell you which code to replace).

    Jenny, what are you not understanding? I'll try to help if you tell me where you get stuck.

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    Hi Faith,

    If I understand your question right...

    Once you have uploaded the image to your post or page, click on it and click on the option to create a hyperlink to it. I know it feels as if you are replacing the image location and you may fear that it will disappear from your site, but it won't!

    I hope this helps.

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    I hope I understood your question correctly, or else this will seem totally out of place :-P

    To make a picture clickable, you have to nest it into a link.

    The link code looks like this:

    <a href="URL">LINK TEXT</a>

    Instead of URL, you put the actual URL, e.g. ""

    Now, you don't want a link text to show up, but an image.

    To put an image on a homepage, you use the following code:

    <img src="LINK-TO-PICTURE" alt="ALTERNATIVE TEXT" />

    Again, you should put the actual link to the picture instead of the text, I've written in capital letters.

    You put that code, with <img and all at the spot, where I put the LINK TEXT before.

    <a href="URL"><img src="LINK-TO-PICTURE" alt="ALTERNATIVE TEXT" /></a>

    Does this make sense?

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    Still trying to do this.

    Was distracted for about 24 hours by my anniversary and then my mother, who's in her 80s.

    My problem now is that I would love to follow the above directions from Adriana but I am not able to copy the image location.

    It shows up at the bottom of my screen, but when I move my mouse down to copy it, it disappears.

    I am using the latest version of Firefox.

    Any ideas, anyone, on why this is happening? Or some other way to do this?


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    I sent you a private message offering help. Not sure if you got it or not but I would be happy to walk you through this over the phone or via Skype if you would like. I'm available tomorrow morning if you are, just reply to my PM. Thanks!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm still working on this issue. I appreciate your offer, Angie, which I may take you up on before too long. Today I'm only able to be online on and off for brief periods, but want to stay in contact here.

    I decided to work on this issue of Amazon images on an old blogger blog that may be worth reviving. I was thinking that this would be less stressful than working on wordpress right now, since I'm not satisfied with my theme anyway.

    I've figured out how to get the image location by going to "see page info," so I've got that covered.

    Am I right in assuming that the basic principle for creating clickable Amazon images is the same for blogger as it is for Wordpress?


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    I'm happy to report that I've succeeded in creating a clickable Amazon image.

    This no doubt seems like a small thing to most of you, but it's a big victory for me.

    Thanks very much for the help here on this forum.



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