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Thread: IM Anxiety Attack

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    Unhappy IM Anxiety Attack

    I have been stricken by an internet marketing anxiety attack. I have had an affiliate blog idea for some time (I have a domain name and installing a wordpress is not a problem etc) but I cannot get started.

    This would be my first serious attempt at IM and I suddenly feel very anxious! What if my site idea is stupid and no-one is ever going to buy anything from me? What if I spend the next 6 months building a site and see no profit?

    My site idea is "at crossroads" of several popular niches (fitness & health), so it could have potential for profit.

    I keep thinking that I should try something more limited first, or at least build some "market research" lenses on Squidoo to test if anyone is interested in my approach to the niche.

    How long do you have to work before you decide building a specific site was a mistake?

    I have been hovering for some time....
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    I hear you but you have to just go for it or you will never know. You'll learn in the process and you might be totally surprised with the outcome. I am in the weight loss/fitness niche and it's taken some time to see it grow but it's working.

    I have wanted to give up quite a few times but just knew that if I focused and set goals for myself things would start to happen and they have. I still have a long way to go after almost 2 years but it's been worth it.

    1st step to get out of your comfort zone....share your link with us and just start posting on your blog. We are here to help in any way we can!

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    Satu, that's a great question. So many people have felt what you're feeling, me included.

    In case you don't know, here's one way to find out if people are buying things in your niche.

    Go to the Google Keyword Tool, and enter all kinds of keywords related to your niche.

    Arrange the display so you can see "APC" which is an average price per click Adwords advertisers are paying. If the APC prices are something like 50 cents or more, it's worth considering.

    Also, check the Monthly Search Volume to learn about the popularity of your topics.

    You might bring some of those numbers here, or in to the Elite Club, for discussion.

    Sadly, Google is upgrading the Keyword Tool right now, and when I visit, sometimes I can get in, and sometimes not. This is surely temporary.

    For getting started, don't forget about Adsense, you don't have to worry about people buying from you.

    Maybe this will help. Before you begin, have an honest conversation with yourself about links. Are you willing to spend lots of time building links?

    Like Angie says, keep the questions coming.

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    Thank you Angie and engage for your support.

    The worst seems to be over: I simply decided what I will do next and started to build a list of concrete steps I need to take. Indecision and inability to act is a horrible feeling; I felt better right away when I managed to take some concrete steps!

    I have done keyword research in my niche but I need to dig deeper.

    Let's see how hard it will be to share a link to my site when the time comes...

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    I have numerous sites in various niches. I just started one in the health and fitness niche about 2 months ago. Although I have yet to make any money, the traffic to that site is way more impressive than some of my other sites that I have had up for almost 2 years.

    The only marketing I have really done is article marketing with maybe 4 or 5 articles and I still get 20 visitors or so a day.

    I say you should go for it too. You never know what can happen until you try. There are always "what ifs" in the world for everything. Just do your best and see where it goes. If it doesn't go over so well, take what you have learned and try something else somewhere else. You only lose when you give up or never try at all.


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