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    I've decided to start a weekly cooking challenge on my blog and wanted to provide a place for people to post pictures of the things that they make.

    Since I use flickr to get inbound links, I thought I would start a group in Flickr where those can be posted.

    I'm just wondering should I have a invitation only group or a totally open group?

    I'm leaning towards an invitation only group...what are your thoughts?

    Oh, and if you'd like to join in on the cooking challenge, here is the link:

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    Not sure about your Flickr question really but I just commented on your blog post and I'm up for the challenge. How fun! You are so creative...and I love breakfast!

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    no idea what this is about its late for me ill read again in the morning

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    What would be your reasoning to make the group exclusive? Are there benefits to either way?


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