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Thread: Amazon images - more advice needed

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    Default Amazon images - more advice needed

    My last request for help had to do with making Amazon images clickable with my ID embedded in the image, and I appreciate very much the help I received.

    Now that I've got the image on the WP site I'm working on, (my first WP site!), I'm not at all happy with all the white space that came with the image. The whole thing is one big block. My attempts to make the white block smaller by editing the image within WP have not worked.

    Is there a way in Amazon that I can manipulate this image before I link it to Wordpress? Or do I have to upload to something like Paint first? And from there link it to my post?


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    If you've got unwanted white space around your image it's part of the bitmap, so the only way you'll remove it will be with an image editor. Even the simplest editor can do this, though, such as the free Irfanview viewer (which I like).

    As for associating a link with the image, that's easy in WordPress. In the WordPress entry editor, click the little image adding symbol. Upload your image and while still in the "Add and Image" box, place your link in the space labeled "Link URL". That's it.


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    Faith, try this: instead of copying the image from the actual page, get it from the pop-up window when you "link to this page" (it's on step 7 of my tutorial here:

    The image will be smaller, and my get rid of the white space you don't want.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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