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    Default Wordpress Affiliate Theme

    I was wondering if it would make sense or be a good investment for a "newbie" to purchase the Affiliate Theme by Unique Blogs. I've sifted through and experimented with tons of free ones that I'm not quite satisfied with.

    What are some of your opinions?

    Thanks so much!

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    Hm, it seems nice looking, but expensive.

    On the other hand, if you've already wasted a lot of time searching for a free theme, and found none, you could save yourself from losing more time by purchasing this.

    I say: If you have the money to invest, I would do it.

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    I would say that it depends on the cost of the template, in relation to the amount of money you expect to earn from it. Also, be realistic - how much more do you think you can earn just by changing the template?

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    If you are newbie, I would recommend giving the DIY method a try. Look for free templates that you think can help. Build a site yourself and I promise you the experience will reward you many times in the future.

    Great tools are useful to those who knows how to use them. If you haven't made some money online yet, I am not sure that you know what kind of site you need to build with Affiliate Theme.

    For the pros, they know what kind of site to build and they know if Affiliate Theme can help them with that or not. If Affiliate Theme meets the kind of sites they want to build I am sure it's a great investment... but for a newbie, I am not sure if you are there yet.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    I have Affiliate Theme and have built 2 sites with it--one I still have up and the other I switched to another theme. It does have some features that help with featuring affiliate products, but I don't consider it super easy to use from the start.

    I'm mostly using Thesis. Although it looks pretty good right out of the box, customization can be a challenge for beginners. The good thing is that it is so popular that there is lots of help on just about any Thesis subject just by Googling Thesis + topic.

    Another theme I am using is Atahualpa. It is a free theme with an extensive customization section in the Dashboard. You might want to get All In One SEO Pack to go along with it although it may have an SEO section in the newest versions.
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    Thank you everyone for all of your input!! Definitely helps!!


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