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Thread: Has anyone used the wp S2 Membership plugin?

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    Default Has anyone used the wp S2 Membership plugin?

    Hey all.

    I have recently installed the S2 Membership plugin for wp and was going to set about creating a membership for my site. It looks a little detailed and before I get started with all of that work, I was wondering if anyone had used it before(or is now) and what they have to say about it.

    I was also looking up WP Micro Membership plugin but that one is not free although I did receive an email about a really good deal on it today. So, I need to make a decision. If the one I have is ok and works for others, I will save myself some money and just get down to business. If not, I will invest and see how that goes.


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    If you decide you don't like the membership plugin you have, I may have something you'll be interested in so don't go out and buy something just yet.


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