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Thread: Man uses Google to get a Job!

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    Default Man uses Google to get a Job!

    Nice headline huh?

    I was watching the news while on my elipical machine working out and I saw an interesting piece on a man that used Google adsense to get himself his dream job.

    Here is what he did.
    He researched the companies he wanted to work for and found the individual that was responsible for hiring at the company he wanted to work for.

    He then placed an adsense ad using the keyword of the person's name and a link to his resume.

    Now when the person (or a friend in this case) googled his own name. The result was number one since there were no other ads targeting that keyword, and since there were no other ads the bid was only $0.15

    Simple yet effective. Very clever.

    Got me to thinking of ways I could use this technique to direct market to individuals cheaply. $.15 is cheaper than a postage stamp, so you could conceivably market to a direct mail list using this technique for cheaper than mailing out direct mail.

    That is just one thought, I am sure you all will come up with some other clever usages. Please share if you do.


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    Now that was pretty clever!

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    Well, when you need a work and you can be really intellegent and inventive. I think he deserves the work.

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    I heard a couple of guys interviewed on the radio that started a group with a catchy name.

    Brotherhood Of Unemployed Men



    I thought their name was quite clever, and pretty funny.

    The interview was inspiring, because even though I'm not a job seeker, I can relate to career challenges.

    I emailed them offering my volunteer time and lots of free services to assist their declared mission of expanding the group to the national level.

    As is so often the case on today's net, they didn't bother to reply with even a one word acknowledgement.

    So I decided maybe they were bums after all, :-) and looked elsewhere for folks to help.

    Seriously, if you should happen to be clever enough to get interviewed on a national radio show, also be clever enough to at least set up a subscribe form to organize the response you were trying to get.

    It seems so obvious, but I guess not...

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    Sounds like the guy could be making a decent income online through awords too.


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