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Thread: Announcing The WAHumor Guest Post With The Most Contest

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    Default Announcing The WAHumor Guest Post With The Most Contest

    Announcing the most unique and fun guest posting contest yet – The WAHumor Guest Posting With The Most Contest!!

    Why Should I Guest Post on is an aged domain blog dedicated to the lighter side of working at home in online business. We have readers of all levels in all aspects of online business.

    And you can get:

    More Exposure!

    More Relationships!

    More Traffic to your website!

    More Subscribers!

    More Quality Links!

    Contest Organizer:, The Lighter Side Of Online Business

    Media Partner: My Blog Guest, The top Guest Blog Posting Forum and the best place to find guest posters for your blog as well as blogs eager for your own guest posts!

    And Our Sponsors And Their Generous Prizes (more to come!):

    Mike Holownych - 3-month beginner hosting package
    ( *domain not included

    Brian Waraksa, Houston web design – a Flip MinoHD One Hour video recorder

    Hasan Saleem - one-year free listing in the directory (value = $59.95)

    Gerald Weber of Houston SEO - $100 cash via Paypal

    SEOdojo - a year's membership (value = $250)

    Veronica Davis - a free short report for the winner in their niche that they can use for list building, give away on their site, sell, etc.

    Kiesha Easley - 2 copies of an upcoming eBook "A Step by Step Guide to a Better Blog" ($9.99)

    Shannon Cherry, The Power Publicist’s latest, the Press Release Success System. Learn how to market yourself easily - without the high cost of advertising and other marketing methods. ($67.00)

    $100 in cash via Paypal from @SEOcopy

    Attention Guest Posters!
    Prizes will be awarded to the top three contestants based on tweets and other social media links, comments and points of humor. Two others will receive Honorable Mention awards. Your chances of winning are good and as a guest blogger, you, your blog host and their readers win too. The winners will be announced here, on Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc., etc.

    How Do I Qualify To Enter?

    All Guest Posters must:

    Have a valid Paypal account and

    Write an informative, high quality post about any of these topics: Blogging Tips, SEO, Blog Promotion, Social Media, Press Releases/Publicity, Making Money Online, Internet Marketing, Web Design and anything else I may have missed…

    …and each one must contain humor used effectively and appropriately!

    That’s right. Not only must your post be a high quality informative one, it must also bring a smile or even an entire chuckle to the reader. And readers VOTE. By tweet, comment and points of humor.

    Submit your post at my “Submit Your Story” Page:

    How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

    Promote your entries on social media sites, other blogs and websites, anywhere online you possibly and spam-freely can so that you get more comments and retweets and other social media links. Tell all your online buddies to do the same.

    Post about the contest on your blog and go all social media crazy for that too!

    Examples of Some Good Humorous Blog Posts:

    5 Ways To Prepare For The FTC Crackdown

    How to Write A Post So Funny It Makes People Pee Their Pants

    How Winners Will Be Chosen:

    The posts submitted by the guest posters will be voted upon on the following criteria:

    Number of comments (And Please Don’t Spam)

    Number of tweets

    Points Of Humor

    1 point for one instance of humor
    2 points for two instances of humor
    3 points for three instances of humor

    Tie Breaker
    If the total points is the same for two contestants, the winner will be decided by popular vote. The people will choose!

    Contest Duration
    The contest starts on May 17, 2010 and end on June 15, 2010 Winners will be announced one week after the contest ends.

    Good luck, everybody!!


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    Just added to the prize list:

    Keyword research

    If you feel the way I do about most research, you'll LOVE this!


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    What a great idea!

    First of all: great niche - humour in work at home.

    Second: making it possible for us to make guest posts.

    Third: even giving us rewards for it.

    Wow, that's three things in one That's impossible...

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    NOTHING is impossible, Britt!

    At least not without the letters "i" and "m"...

    And the rewards of guest posting go waaay beyond mere prizes!



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